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Are you following advertising rules?

Help avoid ethical pitfalls in the practice of real estate with these helpful advertising guidelines and tips from the professional standards program. As you work on your advertising plan, use the Illinois REALTORS® Advertising Checklist to make sure you are following the rules. On top of these regulations, make sure you're using the term REALTOR® correctly in your business. Check out this video for quick tips on how to use the term correctly. CLICK HERE

Here is another site to help you understand the specifics of using the term REALTOR® in your marketing. CLICK HERE

Professional Standards and Advertising Toolkit

When does a REALTOR® have proper authority to enter a listed property?

Unauthorized access complaints are a top complaint each year through the Illinois REALTORS®’ Ethics Citation Program and come with an expensive “ticket.” Just because a property is listed, lockbox entry is not permitted for anyone with a code to use 24/7. Entry into properties (even listed ones) that happen on conditions other than those established by the owners and sellers constitute unauthorized access. Not only could transgressions like these be violations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, but they also could be crimes should the owners press charges.

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